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Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America in Athens, Alabama bible studies are led by Self Published Author & Elder Kendall Shoulders who emphasize good discussion, fellowship, and fun centered on the Bible. With sincere respect for the viewpoints of others, we believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, and that the Holy Spirit will help us understand the Bible and apply the Bible’s teachings to our daily lives. Elder Kendall Shoulders strive to teach the truth in love, and with teachable hearts enjoy learning from others in our classes. Study the Bible in a collegiate atmosphere where we support one another as we study the Bible together.

Each Wednesday night at Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America we take an in-depth look at a passage from the Bible to uncover who God is and discover the life to which He’s called us. At Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America Bible studies are designed as a verse-by-verse exposition that takes us deeper into the context of the Bible while searching our hearts for its application in our everyday life. This service runs approximately about an 1 hour.

Come Out Wednesday Night and study with us.

BIBLE CLASS: Nov 11, 2015 

” Lucifer, His  Son And The Evil Spirit  “


The Purpose of Bible Study

Over the years, We’ve come to the Bible for many reasons: for devotions, leisure reading, to prove someone wrong, for homework, and simply to know what it means. But I fear, in the end, We’ve missed the true purpose of Bible study and saturation.

There is simply one main purpose for getting into the Word of God – knowing Jesus.

No, not knowing about Jesus. Actually knowing Him, the Person.

Scripture Scholars

Jesus often encountered the Pharisees over a variety of issues. In John 5.39, He makes an interesting statement to them: “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.”

Coming to the Word

Everything in Scripture points to Jesus; yes, even the Old Testament. He is called the Living Word – the fullness, culmination, and lived-out expression of the Written Word. And everything throughout the Old and New Testaments point to Him.

There is an interaction between the Written and Living Word. Getting into the Written Word leads us, by the Holy Spirit, into the Living Word. As you get to know the Written Word, you get to know the Living Word. Think of it like this: if I came up to you and shook your hand, I’d be shaking you. But if we were to cut off your arm, you are not any less you – you may be armless but you are still fully you. In a similar manner (though I realize the illustration breaks down), when you “shake” (get into) the Written Word, you are getting into the Living Word. We realize that the Written Word is not Jesus – Jesus is still fully Jesus even if you cut off the Written Word – but there is such an interaction between the two of them that as you get into one, it is as if you are getting into the other.

Do you want a greater level of intimacy with Jesus? You must be in the Word! Want to know Him better? Then you better be soaked and saturated within the pages of the Scripture – not because you are after eternal life apart from Christ, but because you are after a Person who is Life itself.

When we come to the Word, Jesus isn’t interested in us just knowing about the Word, He wants us to know Him. He wants intimacy. And the tremendous thing about the Word is that no matter where we dive into, it will lead us to Jesus (yes, even Leviticus! )

If you come to the Word for any other reason than intimacy and oneness with Jesus, you will soon find yourself fizzled, disappointed, and quit. Sure, we can work ourselves up for an academic study of one more lesson or sermon, but unless we see the Word as living, active, and sharper than a double-edged sword that wants to do its work in our lives (see Hebrews 4.12), we will be approaching the Word out of duty and obligation, rather than delight, passion, and hunger.

Do you see that the Bible is not boring, dull, or old? The pages are still wet with ink as if God just spoke them. They are living and active. They are focused on the Person of Jesus. Why don’t you spend some time not learning about Him but getting to know Him as you would a good friend