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Antioch Cumberland Psbt Church History


A few years ago when the decision was made to build a new church, it was discovered that the only information recorded in the Limestone County Courthouse Records was an agreement not a deed. The Elders at that time had met requirements set forth but if there was a deeds, it was not recorded. 

This fact posed a problem for the Trustees but God’s guidance, December 1978, Elder George Wiggins And Wilburn Jones, and Deacon George Maxwell along with Elder Will Sledge were able to find the great-grandson of the donor who was happy to give a deed. Antioch has not been a church whom changed Ministers often. In the recollection of the present membership,There have been approximately nine Ministers  prior to Pastor L. Rice.

On January 26,1980,The congregation moved to the present site of the new church at 923 Brownsferry Street.

From the bottom of Coleman Hill to the Top.We thank God for his Goodness. The first worship was held Sunday,February 3,1980 with Pastor Walter Pride Sr. Delivering the message. In 1983 our beloved Pastor Pride who had served for more than 40 years passed away.

As of September 1991, Pastor Robert Lee Rice has led us through the guidance of the Holy spirit to Higher Heights.” We are a friendly church with a friendly pastor, Where everybody is somebody and Christ is All”.

Today, We praise and Thank our Heavenly Father for all of his Blessing. To God be the Glory for the things he has done and will do for Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church Of America :

Not by our goodness but by His Amazing Grace.

Anitoch CP Church Athens Alabama

The Mission Of  Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America Is To be a people united in one faith known to the world as the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America, called to continuing ministry of Jesus Christ as multi-cultural inclusive, nurturing and equipping family.

Since the government of the church should have order and be effective, it is necessary that it possess clear and reasonable form. The legislative, administrative, and judicial bodies, sometimes referred to as judicatories, are in regular gradation, session, presbytery, synod, and the General Assembly. The connectional nature of the church is expressed in the following governmental structure. The session exercises pastoral oversight and jurisdiction over a particular church; the presbytery over ordained ministers, sessions, and churches within a prescribed area; the synod over presbyteries, ministers, sessions, and churches within a prescribed area; and the General Assembly over synods, presbyteries, ministers, sessions, and churches. The General Assembly is the highest judicatory of this church and represents in one body all the particular churches thereof. It bears the title of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church/Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America and constitutes the bond of union, peace, correspondence and mutual confidence among all its churches and judicatories.

The General Assembly shall meet as often as once every two years, at such time and place as may have been determined, and shall consist of commissioners from the presbyteries.

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