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Antioch CPCA Church is fully devoted to Jesus by opening our arms to those in search of the truth. Antioch CPCA Church is located in Athens, Al want to show God’s love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity. Through our works of charity and opening our doors to listen and love, we feel that we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Regardless of where you find yourself in life right now, we just want you to know that God is always there for you, and so are we.
Our Sunday Evening service is open to Everyone-whether you’re a committed follower of Jesus Christ or if you’re still trying to figure things out. Either way, you can expect to be treated with love and respect.
Antioch CPCA services are held in the Main Church.

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While the primary way in which we encounter Jesus in worship is through His Word, the way in which we use Scripture takes a variety of forms. Not only do we fix our attention on God’s Word through expository preaching, but we seek to let it drive the entirety of our gathered worship services. The Psalms typically shape our call to worship and we again look to Scripture .

Our songs and readings together are meant to walk us through the gospel story and prepare our hearts to receive and meditate on the sermon. The Bible commands us to sing songs that are Biblically rich and faithful that we might cherish and celebrate God’s truth together as the family of God. That’s why we use lots of traditional and updated hymns as well as lyrically rich modern songs. We strive to lead them in a way that fosters congregational singing, the primary “instrument” in our services.

Sunday Morning Sunday School start at 9:45 am.
Sunday Service Start 11:10 am.
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Come Out Wednesday Night and study with us.


Antioch’s Bible Class Playlist Listen And Enjoy

The mission of Antioch is to sow “the Seed of Hope,” Jesus Christ, in the hearts of many in Athens, Alabama and to the ends of the earth. Our context is the emerging post-modern culture. Post-moderns have rejected the “trinity” of modernism: reason, nature and progress-and the church that is built on it. Lacking a meta narrative, post-moderns turn to a sort of primitive tribalism, or bury their pain in technology or consumerism. Our mission involves creating a Church that can be a safe gathering place for post-modern people to come experience the grace and forgiveness of God; a family of believers where they can find healing for the things that have hurt and wounded their souls; where they can “belong to believe”-that is, where they can be nurtured and disciples into faith in the one true God and in Jesus Christ whom He has sent. 

At Antioch we’re not about “having it all together” or even pretending we do. We’re just a family trying to grow together toward a God who knows us and can help us put all the pieces of this sometimes bizarre world into perspective. We may not have all the answers but we know someone who does. In fact He not only knows the answers…He made up the questions.

Antioch’s message is based on the Bible, Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.



Thanksgiving Prayer From The Member Of 


Heavenly Father of all blessings, source of all life, giver of all grace:

We thank you for the gift of life: for the breath that sustains life, for the food of this earth that nurtures life, for the love of family and friends without which there would be no life.

We thank you for the mystery of creation: for the beauty that the eye can see, for the joy that the ear may hear, for the unknown that we cannot behold filling the universe with wonder, for the expanse of space that draws us beyond the definitions of our selves.

We thank you for setting us in communities: for families who nurture our becoming, for friends who love us by choice, for companions at work, who share our burdens and daily tasks, for strangers who welcome us into their midst, for people from other lands who call us to grow in understanding, for children who lighten our moments with delight, for the unborn, who offer us hope for the future.
We thank you for this day: for life and one more day to love, for opportunity and one more day to work for justice and peace, for neighbors and one more person to love and by whom be loved, for your grace and one more experience of your presence, for your promise: to be with us, to be our God, and to give salvation.
For these, and all blessings, we give you thanks, eternal, loving God, through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen